Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tough 2 weeks but a Victory Over Skinny Jeans!

Life gets in the way sometimes right? Well, I've yet to take my new updated photos (tomorrow AM I'll add them to this post) so it's hard for me to tell where I'm at. I still feel good which is miraculous considering how crappy I usually feel when sedentary. I hurt my hip which put me out of Crossfit for almost 2 weeks. Frustrating, but the timing couldn't have been better as I've been working a million hours a day, everyday, since that happened. Working for me (as for most people these days) entails sitting on my butt at my computer or sitting on my butt painting and drawing for hours on end. The only time I've actually gotten up to move around is to walk the dog or make it to a soccer game. Yikes. There's good news here though! Usually when I have a few weeks like this I very noticeably gain a little. A week or 2 back at the gym/normal life and it goes away, but during crazy work periods my skinny jeans certainly don't fit. This time, for the first time ever, despite my lack of moving around, I look exactly the same as I did a few weeks ago as far as I can tell. No weight gain. In fact, I tried on my super skinny jeans a few days ago...lo and behold I pulled them on with no wriggling.

Let's talk a bit more about those super skinny jeans shall we? Back in 2006 I went on a shopping spree after a long haul of a lot of extra work and, therefore, "extra" money. I was also working out like a crazy person at this point, so, I go to H&M and I buy these jeans. I could barely put them 0n in the dressing room but did that thing where you think to yourself, Oh! I'll totally fit into these if I keep working out like this! Or, they'll stretch out after wearing them a few times! Long story short, I didn't and they didn't. I would say maybe 4 months out of the year I manage to squeeze into these puppies. Usually in the spring and summer when I'm training for races and it's too hot to wear jeans anyway. Even then, it's within an inch of my life and I refuse seats at bars all across America because they are so uncomfortable to sit down in. They're like a modern day corset, seriously. At this point, I can't even believe I've kept them. I haven't subjected myself to their torture for at least a year because it's just plain ridiculous. The other day while cleaning out my closet I found those devil jeans and walked over to the trash. Before tossing them I decided to try them on one last time and you know what? Not only did I pull them on effortlessly but I could totally sit down in them almost comfortably. Comfortably enough that if I wore them out and about, I wouldn't be the awkward weirdo looming over everyone sitting down and denying offers of seats left and right.

I know almost every single lovely lady out there can relate to this story of sweet victory over the skinny jeans. It's a never ending battle and I think eating paleo is the equivalent of having the excalibur sword. (No, I've never played Dungeons and Dragons just a lot of Final Fantasy back in the day)

Portrait of Sylvia Plath by Justin Fitzpatrick

Next week I have some good stuff in store for you. Tales of physical ailments potentially caused by diet or maybe a story discouraging you to make food a reward for hard work or perhaps I'll just share some poetry. FYI, Sylvia Plath is my fave so put your super sad suicidal hats on!

Angeles National Forest '09

On a side note, I've been lamenting the lack of nature in my life since moving back to New York. I've been getting outside a lot despite the crazy weather but walking around Brooklyn, while interesting in it's own way, is by no means as inspiring and cleansing as a 4 hour hike in Angeles National Forest. Thursday night I was talking to Mike about how much I missed nature. Friday afternoon I came home from Crossfit, looked out my kitchen window (it's not something I do very often unless someone is hysterically screaming or smashing something) and in the yard behind my building there was an enormous hawk eating a rat. It was amazing and I couldn't help but feel like it was a little gift. So, thanks to that hawk for not only cheering me up but also for knocking down the rat population!

For the record, here is a good reason why you shouldn't feed or encourage squirrels in any way. Creepy right?

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