Friday, May 14, 2010

India and Travel Motivational Kitten

I had a really great week of training. I did double workouts 3 days this week and it went fabulously until I got to the third day, which had me running in the evening. It was a total nightmare. Weirdly enough, despite the fact that I had to stop 4 times to stretch my calves, my time was good. I was shocked when I walked in the door and saw how fast of a time I managed feeling so beat up. I am really hoping to destroy the Olympic distance race I have on June 13th. I'm feeling pretty confident right now. Crossfit has made a HUGE difference in my fitness and it's definitely translating to the endurance end of things. Yea!

I leave for India and Hong Kong tomorrow morning and while I would love to spend some hours in my hotel room sharing the good, healthy word with everyone, I am pretty sure there won't be time for that. My schedule there is intense to say the least (it's a work trip, not a vacation unfortunately). I return on the 27th and I'm sure, by then, you all will be dying to hear about how important it is to buy your mushrooms and berries organic.

Travel Motivational Kitten says when you feel like this after a long flight, a light workout will make you feel a million times better. I will be telling myself this while I'm jumping rope in my hotel room at 10PM after 20 hours of flying. I'm sure the people below me will appreciate it and understand completely.

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  1. India & Hong Kong?! Wow! Have an amazing trip and keeping jumping rope! :)